I offer voiceovers for a huge variety of services, including:

  • TV Radio Commercial
  • Voice Over
  • YouTube Video
  • Explainer
  • Whiteboard
  • Sync audio
  • Add Music
  • Advertising
  • Smartphone Apps
  • VOIP

  • Voicemail Greetings
  • On hold Messages
  • Brand Awareness
  • Target Marketing
  • Narration
  • Business Training tutorials
  • Audio Book Narration
  • Internet Product launch
  • Website welcome pages
  • Power Point Presentations

I also offer a variety of accents, including my native British, London, RP, Cockney, "Old man Posh", Scottish (generic), North East (Geordie/Mackem/generic) and many more! Contact me to find out more!

All for just $5 for 100 words through freelance site, fiverr!

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